Jennifer Wheeler, RPh

Jennifer is first and foremost a mother to three amazing children, Emma, Benjamin and Nathaniel, and wife to husband Joshua. She attended the University of Rhode Island and obtained a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and currently works as a Pharmacist. In October of 2009 Jennifer’s daughter, Emma, was first diagnosed with cancer and was treated locally at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI. “We met Kyle, Tina and Izzy soon after Emma’s diagnosis. Emma bonded with Izzy right from the start!” explains Jennifer. Less than a year after Emma had completed her treatments the Wheeler family learned that her cancer had returned. At this time they had to travel out of state to treat her relapse.”I have witnessed, first hand, the challenges that families face while caring for a sick child. It is completely devastating.” says Jennifer. The Izzy Foundation’s mission to support families with children fighting cancer and other debilitating diseases hits close to home. “I am honored to be part of The Izzy Foundation.”