The Izzy Family Room

The Izzy Family Room opened at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in March of 2014. The Izzy Family Room has become so much more than anyone anticipated. It is a place for families to come for a cup of coffee, a family dinner or to relax during long hospital stays. There are also weekly yoga classes, family meals, birthday parties, comedy shows, hair cuts and massages, family movie night and more. What we couldn’t anticipate is the peace families feel when they walk into the Izzy Family Room. The Izzy Foundation is committed to maintaining the Izzy Family Room and facilitating family centered activities. 

The first big project The Izzy Foundation tackled was the design and renovation of The Izzy Family Room on the 5th floor of Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The Foundation raised over $200,000 to design and build the Izzy Family Room, which is a little home away from home for families of children admitted for cancer treatments.

Children undergoing cancer treatment are often in the hospital for prolonged stays, sometimes lasting months. The Izzy Family Room provides a relaxing environment to visit, cook a meal, make coffee and spend time together away from the hospital room during these long hospitalizations. Since The Izzy Family Room opening in April of 2014, the room has become one of the most frequently used spaces in Hasbro Children’s Hospital. 

Surgical Waiting Room

The Izzy Foundation is excited to partner again with Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Thomas Morbitzer to make a new space at the hospital. We are currently raising funds to design and renovate the pediatric surgical waiting room located on the 2nd floor of the hospital. We want every family that walks through the doors at Hasbro Children’s Hospital to feel comfortable while their child receives care.

The redesign and renovation of the surgical waiting room at Hasbro Children’s Hospital will reflect top notch patient care that the dedicated surgeons and staff already provide. This much needed construction project will provide a comfortable area for families to wait throughout their child’s surgery and will include private consultation rooms to discuss the results with their doctor.



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