Brokerage Form

Why Consider a Gift of Securities to The Izzy Foundation?

If your investments have appreciated over time, you may be able to give much more than you thought
possible by transferring appreciated securities (stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares) rather than cash.

Your gift will be credited at the average market value as of the date of transfer. You could possibly
avoid the potential capital gains tax on the appreciation, provided you have owned the investment for
more than one year. The Izzy Foundation benefits from the full amount of your gift.

How to Make a Gift of Securities to The Izzy Foundation:

Simply instruct your broker or investment manager to transfer the securities to The Izzy Foundation via our
broker, Vanguard. Your broker will need the following information:
• Chase DTC#:
• The Izzy Foundation Unrestricted Brokerage Number:
• The Izzy Foundation, 244 Weybossett Street, Suite 4, Providence, RI 02903

To ensure that the transaction is properly executed and credited to you, please complete the form below.

If you hold the securities in certificate form or have any questions, please contact The Izzy Foundation.

We will send you a letter acknowledging the securities transferred and will credit the gift to you at the
average market value as of the date of transfer.

Questions? Please contact The Izzy Foundation at (401) 331-4999 or at

THANK YOU for your support!